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tv   Campbell Brown  CNN  May 13, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i'm an adult with adhd. i'm getting treatment but sometimes i still have a hard time focusing and paying attention. distractions can make my day even more challenging, especially the mornings when i really need to be organized. now there's an action guide just for a@vlts with adhd that may help. call the number on your screen
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or visit the website for your free copy. the guide has tips that may help reduce distractions so i can focus. with adhd i sometimes have trouble meeting deadline0g the guide showed me how to be better organized which may help me finish projects on time. having adhd, i often spend ae l. of t the guide offered me tips on reducing clutter which helps me find important items. adhd affects each of us differently. this guide has tips and tools that you can personalize to fit your needs which may help you organize so you can focus on what's important throughout the day. for a free copy, call the number on your screen or visit
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